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Our informative and interactive workshops will keep you moving while learning from some of the best in the business.


The enduring popularity of guidebooks in the Age of Social Media

Presenters: Susanne Alexander, Michael Haynes

Do printed guidebooks still have a place in the pantheon of trail promotion and education? Publisher Susanne Alexander and author Michael Haynes discuss the status of the modern trail guide and how its popularity has remained high, despite the increasing penetration of social media into the outdoor world. Providing examples from their own works, Susanne and Michael will examine how trail guides have evolved in the past 25 years and how the improving printing technology has ensured that printed trail guides have retained an important source of information for hikers, walkers and those interested in exploring nature.  Attendees will walk away with improved techniques for promotion and education, and knowing the value of integrated messaging

Stronger Together: Regional Collaboration for Rural Revitilization

Panelists: Micha Fardy, Friends of Fundy (Fundy Guild), Fundy National Park, The UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve, Albert County Chamber of Commerce & Albert County Tourism Association, Outdoor Elements, Town of Riverview

Reflecting the 3 areas of concentration for the Forum, this presentation/panel discussion will take a look at how partners in Albert County, St. Martin’s and Sussex are working together to leverage Fundy National Park investments in conservation, recreation and culture & heritage to have a tangible impact in the corridor communities that lead into the Park around regional community economic development goals.

We will share and invite discussion on how these partners have committed to deeper levels of collaboration and continue to integrate their work on both an administrative level as well as a strategic level. We will highlight several events and initiatives including The Rising Tide Festival, The Fundy Circuit ULTRA, The Economy of Trails and Trail Town programs, and Artist in Residencies.

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Developing supports for the Nova Scotia outdoor community: Breaking the ICE

This panel will share lessons learned through the development of the NS Outdoor Network (NSON) and the Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network (UCBON), alongside other relevant connections between the panelists.


The NSON is a project of Recreation Nova Scotia. It is a coalition of the Nova Scotia outdoor community meant to strengthen communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration in the province. The UCBON is a network of outdoor leaders and organizations whose purpose is to support and enhance outdoor life throughout Unama'ki-Cape Breton Island. In alignment with provincial and national networks, the UCBON aims to: promote outdoor leadership training, education, and mentorship; share resources; increase the number of outdoor events and activities across the island; increase engagement with and respect for nature; and promote diverse cultural outdoor traditions.


The panel will start with a 15-minute overview of what’s been happening in Nova Scotia, why, and where it has led to in terms of future Innovation, Collaboration and Education (ICE). Next, each of the 4 panelists will spend 5 minutes introducing their connection to this development and thoughts on how their own institutions may move the agenda forward.  The next 30 minutes will be dedicated to a facilitated discussion – with questions posed from the panel and audience interaction, and finally 10 minutes will be dedicated to a question and answer period.