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Show Us What You've Got

The goal of the Atlantic Outdoor Forum is to bring together the Atlantic Outdoor Sector and those impacted by it; in order to find solutions to work stronger together. In a sector where funding is a challenge, but its impacts are far-reaching, we need to begin to think strategically on how the sector can work more collaboratively.

The Target Audience

  • Outdoor professionals
  • Health and Wellness professionals
  • Business Operators
  • Key Decision Makers (Federal, Provincial, Regional, Municipal)

The Three Streams

The forum will have three main areas of concentration. Each of the three streams strives to find areas in the outdoor sector where improvements can be made or where a new, innovative approach can benefit outdoor professionals and the communities they serve.




The Outdoor Sector continues to seek innovative ways to engage people in recreating, conserving and developing outdoor spaces. We are seeking presenters who can bring innovative approaches to our delegates as we seek to develop the sector in Atlantic Canada.



Outdoor educators are always seeking innovative ways to connect people to nature through educational programs. We are seeking seasoned outdoor educators and leaders of well- established outdoor education programs to share their successes and lessons learned with our delegates as they aim to being at the leading edge of outdoor nature education.




Partnerships are crucial in creating sustainable outdoor spaces and initiatives. We would be interested in hearing from organizations, conservation areas, trail organizations, parks, and any persons involved with the outdoors on creative and non-traditional partnerships that have been developed to further the outdoor sector.


If you feel that yourself or a member of your team would have knowledge that could add to this dialogue, we would love to have you join us. Please click apply bellow to read guidelines and to submit an application.