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Stronger Together

This forum and summit will bring together the Atlantic outdoor sector and those impacted by it; in order to find solutions to work stronger together. In a sector where funding is a constant challenge, but its impacts are far-reaching, we need to begin to think strategically on how the sector can work more collaboratively. We hope to accomplish this with your help at the first biennial Atlantic Outdoor Forum (AOF) in Moncton, New Brunswick!


The Forum

Through the various workshops and presentations offered at the AOF we hope to give attendees information, tools, resources and most importantly personal connections to help them better understand the Atlantic Outdoor Sector. Our small provinces share similar challenges and obstacles that we all have experience dealing with in our own ways. This Forum will open the discussion and dialogue around these experiences. Making us all better equipped to deal with the various issues that we all face, while encouraging our communities to work together toward common goals. After all, as our vision states, we are Stronger Together!

Atlantic Outdoor Workshop

Atlantic Outdoor in Moncton

The Place to be

The forum will be held in beautiful downtown Moncton. Known as the “Hub City” for it’s central location in the Maritimes, it serves as the perfect place to come together and explore the outdoors. Accommodations for the forum are available through the Delta Beausejour and can be booked by following the link below.

The planning committee

Our inaugural planning committee, headed by Jane McCulloch, Josh Tompkins, Peter Morrison, Charlotte Hill, and Rebecca Breen, is a collaboration of like minded professionals and organizations from New Brunswick who understand the need for an Atlantic Forum of this nature. Many of these organizations have worked together on a variety of different events that have all been geared toward increasing capacity, knowledge and value of our beautiful outdoor spaces.

Collaboration is one of the main themes for this forum, and our planning committee is the perfect representation of what can be accomplished through collaboration on a provincial scale. This committee has and will continue to work hard to create a Forum that will benefit all of the Atlantic Provinces and those who choose to call them home, from the grass roots up.